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February 19, 2020

Cheers to my first post on the blog! And thank YOU for coming to check it out!

When I first started my business and was learning all about websites, I thought, “No way am I going to start a ‘blog’, too!”  First of all, what a funny term, “blog” or “blogger” or “blogging.”  I didn’t like, and still wish I could find a different word to use, but I can’t, so I guess “blog” will have to do! Second, I am in the business of taking photos, not writing. Third, I’m not really a writer.

However, I have buckled and decided that I’d give “blogging” a go.  It helps me to be socially involved in my business, rather than it just being about the business of capturing gorgeous photos.

After much research, I’ve realized that blogging doesn’t have to be a professionally written script with a bunch of jargon that many people wouldn’t understand.  Which is fantastic, because I really dislike having to write that way (I hated writing papers for school)!  Instead, I intend to make these posts social and conversational.  So I can communicate with you, my followers and clients, as though I’m having normal conversation with you, but you don’t say anything back.  Ha, kinda funny thinking that I’m essentially talking to myself. 🙂

Typically, some things you can expect to find on my blog are photos from recent sessions I’ve had, stories from these sessions, and other thoughts, feelings and emotions I have about my passion; photography.  From time to time I will include other other things too, like posts about me or my family, trips we’ve taken, info on parenting (I’ve got 3 little monsters of my own), or maybe just my take on the world!  Ok, maybe not the world… but other various topics perhaps.

My hope is that through my blog posts, you get to know me a bit better.  After all, who wants some random stranger all up in your face taking pictures?  At least this way you get a piece of what I’m all about, right?

Thanks again for checking out the new piece of my website.  Come back often to see what’s new!



Feb 19, 2020

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